Does your hair really need a conditioner?


Using shampoo and conditioner on your hair is just one of those things you do to ensure you have shiny, smooth hair, right? Of course you need it! Well, actually, the information and that one varies from yes, of course, to not at all, so let’s take a look at this issue properly below. The net answer is, it depends on a few things:

• How frequently and with what you shampoo
• What your hair-care needs are
• The weather
• The condition of your hair

So, do I need conditioner for my hair?

The answer to that one is- maybe, but probably yes. If you’re a regular shampoo-er, especially if you use a shampoo for oily hair, following up with a conditioner for your hair is absolutely vital. Shampoos work by stripping oil from your hair- including the natural oils that help keep it supple and shiny- and if you keep the shampoo and skip the condition it won’t be long before you have dry, brittle and awful hair to match. If you’re someone who likes to scrub well on a daily basis, forgoing the conditioner is a route to hair disaster.

What does a conditioner actually do?

Using a conditioner on your hair re-seals the tiny scales that make up the hair shaft. Damage, dryness and rough handling cause these to lift- giving your hair a dull, lifeless and brittle texture, and conditioners help soothe them down again to give you back shine and make it easy to comb. It also helps to lock moisture into the hair shaft

So, do I use it or not?

If you have issues you’d like to treat with your hair- for example, if you’re prone to frizziness and flyaways- a conditioner designed for those specific issues will help you tremendously. Be sure you’re addressing the right issues, though, or it won’t help as much as it could. If it’s the depth of winter and static cling is a concern, a conditioner for your hair is also a vital tool.

If you’ve got oily hair or are prone to an itchy scalp, keep the conditioner away from your scalp, though. It’s not really meant to go there on anyone, to be honest. The natural oils your scalp produces will keep that section of hair in tip top condition regardless, and the heavy moisturising nature of a conditioner in that sensitive area will cause more troubles then it will solve. Rather save the conditioner for your length- which is drier, has been around longer, and truly needs it.


Are their people who can skip it?

Yes, if you are totally satisfied with the moisturization and comb-ability of your hair, if you suffer no static or other issues, and if you do not shampoo or shampoo irregularly with a gentle shampoo, you can skip the conditioner. But you may still like to treat your hair to a once-a-month deep conditioning soak just to keep it in top condition. If you’re not keen on ‘normal’ conditioners; coconut, jojoba and virgin olive oils all make great natural deep conditioners for your hair.

All in all, most people- especially if you use shampoos for oily hair or are dedicated to a once-a-day hair washing- will benefit tremendously from a conditioner for their hair. But remember what it is conditioner is meant to do, and use it correctly to see the best results.

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